Are You Getting Older? Learn to Self Check to Signs of Aging!

These days, it is getting more and more difficult to maintain a Healthy skin, staying youthful and radiant skin due to our Lifestyle and also the surround environment.

The high humidity and the hot climate causes oily skin to secrete more oil, and easily accumulate dirt, grease and grime. Making the skin more problematic and more susceptible to acne formation and on the other hand, those who has dehydrated skin will face dead cells building up and uneven skin tone and textures, your skin form barrier that whatever skincare products and treatments are unable to penetrate or being absorb, wrinkles formation and pigmentation.

On the other hand, those who stay in areas whereby weather that has seasonal, may have to adjust, not only skincare products and the body is taking temperatures changes, in which the skin and the whole body has to undergo changes and less self defense ability.

Learn How to Self check to Signs of Skin Aging and Skin Problems?

1. Do Your Skin feel rough

2. Your Skin looks Dull and lacks of Glow

3. Is the hyper pigmentation spots and fine lines become noticeable

4. Your skin sags and lacks vitality

5. Your skin lacks translucency

6. Do abnormal sebum secretion occurs from time to time

7. Do unpredictable skin sensitivity occurs feeling skin flushing, itch or rashes

Our Skin Ages As We Grow Older and the following will result:

1. Wrinkles formation

2. Lowered skin cell metabolism rate

3. Deteriorating skin self defense ability

4. Poor nutrients absorption power from the body as well as the skin.

Factor contributing to skin aging

- Increase in age
 - Exposure to free radicals
 - Exposure to Sun
 - Weakening blood vessels
 - Improper Diet
 - Insufficient rest or sleep
 - Wrong choice of skin care products

Do not let AGE gets into you and under your skin

It is the Everyday routine,

you take care for your skin

that matters year after years

in order to stay healthy, youthful.

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