The Eyes! Have You Look And Notice Your Eyes?

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is certainly true and one of the first things people usually notice about you is your Eyes!

Our eyes are usually the first show signs of ageing yet many of us do not pay much special attention to them until visible and deep formation of fine line or worse, wrinkles shows.

What are the visible eye problems?

Puffy Eyes

Usually caused by fluid buildup, eye puffiness can be aggravated by lack of sleep, lack of circulation causes impurities to accumulate. Fluid retention and bad lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking thus cause eyelid tissues to swell or puffy.


With aging, eyelids muscles becoming weaker and the upper eyelid may be more hooded while lower eyelids starts to protrude outwards.

Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles under and around the eyes are usually an inherited. The areas around the eyes look more transparent, the darker the circles appear due to the thin skin under the eyes.

Poor circulation causing blood and pigment to accumulate in the connective tissue in which turns skin between yellow and black in color.

Rubbing or scratching the skin around the eyes areas can contribute to darker eye circles.

Fatigue is also another caused to the under eye areas to appear darker.

Wrinkles and crow's feet

Fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet with fewer oil glands, the eye areas prone to dryness and subsequently formation of lines and wrinkles. Rubbing the eyes while removing make-up or mascara and or squinting can make eyes prone to lines and wrinkles therefore need to be gentle around the areas Important to give care to your eyes!

Skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body and is 6 times thinner than the rest of the face! Making it more sensitive and prone to dryness and there are also plenty of blood vessels around the eyes, and has less (oil glands), resulting in low natural moisture levels. The eyes contour is a complex and fragile zone.

Despite differing in age, the message is clear - it is important to start a proper eye care routine early.

Therefore, general face products are not suppose to use on and around the eye areas as may possible caused of oil seeds or oil bags or (white heads) and tagging skin around the eyes may happening to show.

Proper eye care is about good lifestyle habits and also proper and appropriate eyes products will keep the eyes areas hydrated, supple and give the complexion correctly nourished and help the fine lines reduce, dark eyes circles and wrinkles decreases. To refresh tiredness and puffy eyes, keep the area moisturized and skin will be able appears firmer and relaxed, so as preparing and giving a smooth base for makeup application.


Serine Tan is an Expert in Beauty and Wellness.

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